We believe that the trade show & conference industry will help the global economy recover. How; Helping individual businesses recover.

As restrictive measures begin to diminish, we all begin to think about what will apply in the future. Although the beginning of trade fairs and conferences may still be far away, once the government gives the green light to their operation participating in them will be the best and most effective way to give your brand or product the promotion it needs to return to the forefront
Here are the top ten reasons why participating in a trade show will help businesses get back on their feet after Covid 19.

1. To demonstrate your services
Trade shows offer sales a highly targeted audience within their respective industries. Professionals in these industries are motivated to follow the course of trade fairs knowing that they will find the latest technology and concepts that are currently affecting their profession. Your services will be displayed to the decision makers in your industry, solutions that really require them.

2. To start a new product
If you are in the process of launching a new product or idea in the market, there is really no better platform than a trade show where you will have maximum exposure, high focus and the opportunity to connect directly with the decision makers in the industry you are focusing on.

3. To strengthen your brand
It does not matter if you are one of the biggest players in your industry, a small start-up company or a specialist supplier, you can still strengthen your market presence or trend by smartly positioning your brand. Emphasize your strengths and make your name known to both your customers and colleagues. You want people to know who you are.

4. To meet your common face to face
Most marketing processes are aimed at achieving face-to-face contact with a potential customer.
It is a unique opportunity to increase the power of your brand and connect with consumers on a personal level. Nothing can surpass the live presentation and visual contact that the trade show offers in sales. By allowing your customers to experience your product or service first hand, this increases the interest in your brand and sales.

5. To expand your customer database
Not only will you reap the benefits of meeting your customers face to face, but you will also be able to meet hundreds of them! Having a number of highly regarded professionals in your industry for a limited period of time is an incomparable opportunity to increase your customer list. Make sure you have some form of collection and processing of all this new data that you will receive so that you do not lose any of these sales after the trade shows are over.

6. Investigate developments in your industry
Είναι σημαντικό η επωνυμία σας να παραμείνει δυνατή στον κλάδο σας και ο μόνος τρόπος για να το διασφαλίσετε είναι κρατώντας την επιχείρησή σας ενήμερη για τυχόν νέα προϊόντα ή ιδέες που ενδέχεται να επηρεάζουν τη βιομηχανία στο σύνολό της. Οι εμπορικές εκθέσεις προσφέρουν επίσης την ευκαιρία να μάθετε για τους ανταγωνιστές σας, να δείτε τι λειτουργεί αποδοτικά, να συνεργαστείτε με συναδέλφους σας και να ξεκινήσετε δυνητικά επωφελείς σχέσεις, που θα μπορούσαν να επεκτείνουν την αλυσίδα εφοδιασμού σας.

7. Watch the competition
The biggest players in the industry are generally more likely to spend a little more money on a trade show. They will have large glossy kiosks in the center of the hall. They often introduce new technologies or ideas that will affect the market as a whole. This is why it is an ideal opportunity to observe what your competitors are doing, so that you can measure the direction that your industry may take. You can also apply any successful process you will notice from other brands to your own business.

8. To develop your distributor network
Not all other exhibitors will be in direct competition with you, many will be from other parts of the industry. You may discover new businesses that you may not have known before, which could be extremely compatible with your business. Trade shows offer great networking opportunities in your industry.

9. To expand your contacts in the industry
Even your competitors at a trade show could end up as friends. You never know who you may meet, who may prove to be mutually beneficial.
You may be selling the same product, but in different parts of the country - you could come up with an exchange agreement. You may be able to work with another business, both of which benefit from using each other's client database.

10. To receive immediate comments and opinions
There are businesses whose sole function is to provide information to other businesses about their brand or product. Honest feedback from your customers about what they need and how they view your brand is one of the most valuable resources you can acquire. Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to receive real-time feedback from highly targeted groups. In addition to face-to-face contact, you could also conduct short surveys, rewarding participants with some kind of incentive, such as a contest or prizes. The data you collect will be simply invaluable!

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